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The Rocket Cinema Robot is simply the world’s most versatile cinema robot with its extreme movement speed and high precision. Quick install time, blazing fast and accurate motion programming pace makes it the most competitive Cinema Robot on the market. Designing your camera or object movement with the Rocket ecosystem is a matter of minutes.

There are a great number of new features what a Rocket Cinema Robot can introduce in your set. Here are some of them.

Unparalelled accuracy

Rocket is exceptional accurate. It will repeat your movement in the sub-millimeter accuracy domain. Your pixels will be always on the same position on the same time for unlimited repeats across multiple movement programs making easier to shoot multi-layer VFX shots than ever before.

High speed

Fast as a rocket. We guarantee that you won’t find faster equipment for super slow motion footages on the market. The track accelerates with freefall speed (10m/s²), and reaches its top speed under half of a second, the arm speeds up to its top speed under tenth of a second. That’s a blink of an eye.

Low speed

If you need timelapse or stop motion effect with large movement area Rocket is your best choice. Our Cinema Robot is as patient and calm as how nimble and brisk could be.

Quick programming

For a simple move, motion programming could be done within seconds. For great scene complexity we are using Cinema4D with our RocketC4D plugin. No round-tripping is required, all the movement altering happens real-time. Offline programming and testing is possible without the actual equipment for extreme time saving on set and easier creative process. All that you need is a comfortable chair and a regular computer in your office with Cinema 4D installed. We can also import movements from Maya or 3D Studio Max aswell.

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Rocket Cinema Robot can synchronize with other devices through RocketLab's Ignition software which is an innovative, high-level, node based device interlocking software for higher productivity and easier motion set management than ever. Records actual data for every controlled device, camera and object positions for post-production with embedded SMPTE timecode and camera metadata. Synchronized environment can be built within seconds with many components. The possibilities are unlimited, you name it.

Cinema 4D

Other Robots

Rotary tables, motion plaforms


DMX Ligthing


Trigger in/out

Valves, magnets

General purpose I/O




The Rocket

Additional Features

There are countless available features. If we don’t have support for your creative idea we’ll develop it for until your shooting.


The Rocket

Quick Setup

Unload the truck, install track sections, connect the cables, fire up the control station, attach the camera with our unique quick release mechanism and you ready to go. No calibration is needed. It takes an hour including coffee break. You won't need to waste any time for putting the base on the track as it already comes on a 2 meters section.

The Rocket

Plan the move

Movement programming can be done with Rocket Lab's Ignition software. For more complex scenes, you can use Cinema4D or Maya with Rocket plugin on the fly. No round-tripping is needed. You'll need less than 5 minutes to get a complex move.

The Rocket


You'll shoot the same scene multiple times. But not because of the Rocket. It can do the same movement as many times as you want with sub-millimeter accuracy with perfect timing. If you need to adjust, it can be done within a couple of seconds.


Need more info? Please have a look at the tech specs of the Rocket. We’ve used Latest technology & quality materials

Track info

Rocket Base

Power requirements

Rocket Arm

Accessories & Powering options

Setup time


Don’t take our word. See what our experts says about the Rocket. We have got a bunch of positive reviews.


It was incredible working together with the Rocket. No doubts, this is the next generation of camera movement equipment. Looking forward to work with it again.

The Rocket

The programming pace was a way quicker than I expected, all the new movements and the corrections could be done in a matter of minute.

The Rocket

The Rocket development team is highly aware of safety, this was the safest high-speed motion control device what I worked with so far.

The Rocket

Frequently Asked Questions

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